Certified Service Manager (CSM)

The Certified Service Manager certification (CSM) was developed by NESDA to provide a means to verify the knowledge needed to manage a modern service business. CSM certification is also one requirement of the CSC (Certified Service Center) program.

A manager who passes a written test based on his or her knowledge of profitable business operations and who has the required experience may become a “CSM” (Certified Service Manager).  Although the CSM exam is not easy, service center managers will already have much of the knowledge needed just from the daily experience of operating a service business, as well as just plain “common sense.”

The test is approximately 50% general information (laws, regulations, customer and employee relations, etc.), and 50% financial management. Service managers often have the most difficulty with the financial section, since there are a number of formulas to learn and utilize. All of the necessary formulas are included in the CSM Study Guide (see information below on how to purchase), as well as examples of how they are used.

Areas covered are business types, quality systems, bankruptcy laws, warranties and risk of liability, employee relations and pay systems, employment laws, subcontractors, interviewing job applicants, and financial management.

The Certified Service Manager certification (CSM) was developed by NESDA to provide a means to verify the knowledge needed to manage a modern service business. CSM certification is also one requirement of the CSC (Certified Service Center) program.

A training class is available each year at NPSC in July or August to help you get ready for the exam. If you are interested in the CSM certification, this class is a must, as it will help you gain a good understanding of the material covered on the test. The exam is also offered through ISCET Certification Administrators all year long.

The cost of the CSM exam is $150 per exam session. Members of NESDA or ISCET members receive a voucher for a credit of $50 which may be applied to a membership billing or materials order. (please request form when you take the exam)

Study material for Certified Service Manager: CSM Study Guide

Certified Electronics Service Center Certification (CESC) for your business

The mission of the Certified Electronics Service Center program is to encourage professionalism within the service industry and to publicly identify those service facilities that strive to provide honest, competent and professional service. The program is designed to provide positive service experiences to all consumers. The Certified Electronics Service Center designation is presented to those service facilities that provide a level of service professionalism that meets or exceeds the high levels established by the requirements of this certification.

The Certified Electronics Service Center program is designed as a tool to help consumers find quality service centers; to help electronics and appliance manufacturers select service centers for “in warranty” repairs; and to provide an industry wide standard for professional service firms that desire to offer outstanding customer service.

Certified Electronics Service Center (CESC) status places your business in the elite network of service centers that consumers turn to for quality assurance. Your business will be listed in the CESC directory to be distributed to industry and consumers. Also, you will receive a framed certificate validating your CESC status. And you will receive graphics and be able to display the CESC logo, which you may also use in your promotional literature and signage.

more info about Certified Electronics Service Center certification and listing of CESC Businesses

Multimedia Systems Technician (MST)

The tremendous popularity of flat screens and home theater systems have changed everything!  Advance your career into these new areas.  Learn from experts in the field who are already making their living doing this kind of work.  The Multimedia Systems Technician curriculum was written by professionals in the service and manufacturing industries … experienced in today’s needs.

MST is a very specialized Journeyman-level certification for those technicians involved with in-home service.

  • Covers applicable electronic theory.
  • Practical technology and Customer Service areas.
  • Deals with those problems that arise from the networking of many peripheral devices with flat screen and Home Theatre installations.
  • This certification is very broad, and deals with electronics as they are today.

more info about Multimedia Systems Technician

Study material for Multimedia Systems Technician:
Learning Course Printed Tutorial
Prep Course w/Exam Voucher

Certified Electronics Technician (CET)

Certification can be your ticket to a better career, as it represents the difference between someone who merely SAYS they are a technician, and someone who really IS a technician. Many government and private organizations require certification as a qualification for their positions, so taking and passing one or more of the exams generally makes you more employable.

The Associate Level CET exam serves as a starting point. It is the basic electronics portion of the full-credit CET exam, and requires a score of 75% or better to pass.

This multiple choice test covers basic electronics, math, DC and AC circuits, transistors and troubleshooting. Upon passing the test an associate CET will receive a wall certificate valid for four years

more info about Associate Level Certified Electronics Technician

Study material for Certified Electronics Technician:
CET Study Guides & Practice Tests
CET Prep Course w/Study Guide and Exam Voucher

Appliance Service Technician (NASTeC)

Whether you are a technician or a business owner or both, you sell knowledge and performance. NASTeC certification recognizes that repairing modern, sophisticated appliances requires professional skills and constant learning.

NASTeC certification lets you show your customers and manufacturers that you offer superior knowledge and performance. It is the highest level of professional recognition in the appliance service industry.

Get the respect and career growth you deserve. Prove that you are the skilled professional you know you are. NASTeC certification is the highest level of professional recognition in the appliance service industry.

  • Gain respect for your skills and accomplishments from your customers.
  • Become more valuable to your employer.
  • Increase opportunities for career advancement.
  • Earn better job security.
  • Differentiate yourself from non-certified workers

more info about Appliance Service Technician certification

Study material for Appliance Service Technician:  NASTeC Self-exam and Study Guide and additional books

Certified Customer Service Representative (CSR)

The Certified Customer Service Representative is a new certification that attests to the ability and training of an individual in the sometimes difficult area of service to the customers of various manufacturing and service industries.

The Customer Service Representative (CSR) certification was developed by NESDA to provide a means to verify the knowledge needed to provide the best possible customer service experience for a professional electronics service business. CSR certification is also a requirement of the CESC (Certified Electronics Service Center) program.

The Customer Service Representative Certification prepares an individual to work as a professional CSR and to take the CSR certification exam. The training covers different kinds of CSRs; customer value proposition (CVP), key performance indicators (KPI), goals, interpersonal skills, levels of communication, telephone dos and don’ts, the support environment, attire, voice, attitude, expression and mannerisms, what you say and how you say it, listening, observation, asking questions, feedback, escalation, conflict resolution, ethical behavior and conduct, legal responsibilities (warranties, contracts, liabilities, documentation), attendance, job performance, field service, customer or client problems, internal company problems.

Study material for Certified Customer Service Representative

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