National Electronics Industry Hall of Fame

The mission and purpose of the National Electronics Industry Hall of Fame is to recognize those individuals who have, through their unusual and sustained efforts, contributed to the promotion and advancement of the electronics industry in one of these six groups:

Scientists, Inventors
and Engineers


Industry Association Members

Business and Industry

Association Executives

Outstanding individuals who do not clearly fit any of the other groups

The National Electronics Industry Hall of Fame accepts nominations in these six categories each spring and honors new inductees at the National Professional Service Convention, sponsored by NESDA and ISCET, and usually held in April/May.

History of the Hall of Fame

The Electronics Industry Hall of Fame (EIHOF) was established in 1969 in Nebraska by members of the National Electronic Associations Inc. (NEA). The purpose was to honor individuals who made outstanding contributions to the electronics industry, or who served as inspiring examples for others to follow.

NEA became the National Electronics Service Dealers Association (NESDA) in 1973. In 1985, NESDA went on to assimilate the National Association of Television & Electronics Servicers of America (NATESA), thus becoming the nation’s premier voice of independent electronic service dealers.

After being nurtured by NESDA for 14 years, the Hall of Fame was established in 1983 as an independent non-profit corporation, first in Texas, and then in New York.

In 2002, the program was reinstated as a function of NESDA in Fort Worth, TX.

The Hall of Fame is made up of six divisions:
(1) Scientists, Inventors & Engineers
(2) Business and Industry
(3) Communications
(4) Association Executives
(5) Industry Association Members
(6) Outstanding Individuals who do not clearly fit into any of the other groups

New divisions may be created, as needed, by the EIHOF Board of Directors.

Candidates for induction into the Electronics Industry Hall of Fame will have one or more of the following accomplishments:

1. Significantly contributed to the advancement of technology in the electronics industry

2. Significantly contributed to the development of our industry for the benefit of mankind

3. Significantly contributed to the improvement of conditions in the industry

4. Substantially upgraded the status of his or her segment of the electronics industry, or the industry as a whole

5. Through long, distinguished, and dedicated service, helped to promote and upgrade the electronics industry

6. Demonstrated a helpful interest in his or her fellow man through positive activities as a representative of the industry

One of the functions of the Hall of Fame is to select and honor new members through a process that encompasses the entire appliance, computer, and consumer-electronics industry.

Current/Past Members by Category
(Names of living members appear in BLUE)


Richard Ambrose (VA)
Cornelius C. Bell (MO)
John Betz CET (IA), 1921-1971
Mack Blakely (TX)
Norris R. Browne CET (TX), 1919-1975
Harold Chase (Ml), 1901-1966
Dorothy Cicchetti (NY/NC), 1919 - 2020
O. W Donald (AR), 1917-19
M. L. Finneburgh Sr. (OH), 1900-19
Richard L. Glass CET (IN)
Henry Golden (MO), 1906-19
Frank Grabiec CET (AZ), 1921 - 2008
John P. Graham (OH), 1898-1979
Henry Gulliver (IA), 1909-1968
Otto Horak (MO)
Emmett W Hughes CET (KS), 1922-1975
James Humphrey CES (WA), 1913-1968
George Jackson (FL)
Ralph Johonnot (CA), 1918-1977
Truett I. Kimzey (TX), 1907-1968
Keith Knos CET (KS), 19 - 2006
Paul LeCoy (OH), 1902-1970
Vincent J. Lutz CET (MO), 1904-19
Frank J. Moch (IL), 1907-1984
Clyde W. Nabors (TX), 1935- 2010
Everett R. Pershing (CA), 1913-1986
LeRoy Ragsdale (AR), 1923 - 2012
Earl Redman (MD) - 2010
Enos Rice CES/CET (WA), 1904-19
James A. Rolison (OR), 1921 - 2011
C. J. Rucker CSM (TX), 1919-1985
Clifford A. Shaw (VA), 1914-1996
Leo P. Shumavon (MA/FL), 1906-1975
Larry Steckler CET (NY/NV), 1933-
Charles Varble (MO), 19
Bob Villont CET/CSM (WA), 1923 - 2010
George Weiss CSM (IL)
Paul Whesdos (VA), 19 -19
Hugh Wilkins CET (CA), 19 -19
Billy Williams (FL), 19-
JW Williams CET (TX) 1920-2007
Don Winchel CET (CA), 19 - 2004
John C. Wood (VA), 1914 - 2011


Bill Abernathy (TX)
George Bluze CET/CSM (FL), 1926 - 2012
Leo Cloutier CSM/A+, (CA) - 2011
Ernie Curtis CET (NY) - 2018
John Eubanks CET (FL)
Jim Fellows CET/CSM/MST/CSR (NY)
Wayne Markman CET/CSM (CT) - 2014
Faye McCann (LA)
Robert "Bob" Masa CSM (OH) - 2017
Larry Parnell CSM (TX)
Randy Whitehead CSM (UT)


Hugo Gernsback, 1884-1967
Wallace Harrison (VA), 1932 - 2017
Gerry McCann CET/CSM 1943-2007
Lt. Col. John F. Rider, 1900-1985
Howard W. Sams, 1897-1974
Jules Steinberg, 1921-
Norman Jack Wayman, 1922-


Chris Fabian (GA)
Glen Wolfe (IL)
Fay Wood (CA)
Chic Young (WI)


Walt Herrin (AZ) - 
Bill Warren CET/CSM/MST (CA)                                
Michael Snead (CA)


Dr. Ernst F. W. Alexanderson 1878-1975
Andre Marie Ampere 1775-1836
Major Edwin H. Armstrong 1890-1954
Harold deForest Arnold 1883-1933
Alexander Graham Bell 1847-1922
Eduard Branly 1844-1940
Prof. Karl Ferdinand Braun 1850-1918
Charles Augustin deCoulomb 1736-1796
Dr. Lee de Forest 1876-1961
Dr. Allen B. DuMont 1901-1965
Thomas Alva Edison 1847-1931
Michael Farraday 1791-1867
Reginald Aubrey Fessenden 1866-1932
Sir John Ambrose Fleming 1849-1945
Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790
Luigi Galvani 1737-1798
Joseph Henry 1797-1878
Heinrich Hertz 1857-1894
James Prescott Joule 1818-1889
Irving Langmuir 1881-1957
Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937
James Clerk Maxwell 1831-1879
Robert Millikan 1868-1953
Samuel F.B. Morse 1791-1872
Hans Christian Oersted 1777-1851
Georg Simon Ohm 1787-1854
Nandalall Sukhdeo Ph.D. (NY)
Nikola Tesla 1856-1943
Sir Wm. Thompson (Lord Kelvin) 1824-1907
Allesandro Guiseppe Volta 1745-1827


Nominations must be received at the NEIHOF office by 30 days prior to National Convention

Download Nomination Form

The National Electronics Industry Hall of Fame, a division of NESDA, accepts nominations annually in six categories for honorees who have made major achievements in or for the electronics industry or served as inspiring examples for others to follow.

The categories are as follows: 1) Scientists, Inventors and Engineers; 2) Business and Industry; 3) Communications; 4) Association Executives; 5) Industry Association Members; and 6) outstanding individuals who do not clearly fit any of the other groups. Only one honoree may be selected from each category per year.

Those elected to membership in the Hall of Fame are authorized to use the letters "EHF" as a suffix to their name so that others may recognize, thereby, the honor with which they have been bestowed.

One of the most important functions of the Hall of Fame is to select and honor new members by the use of a nominating process through which membership is open to the entire electronics industry.

Anyone who knows of a worthy nominee is encouraged to complete the form and submit it for consideration. There is a $500 application fee for each nomination. Please contact Mack Blakely,, for more information or if you have questions.

The Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit corporation chartered in Texas, and welcomes participation from all segments of the electronics industry.

The Hall of Fame accepts donations to assist in its operations. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please contact the NESDA office at 817/921-9061 or send your gift to Electronics Industry Hall of Fame, NSDA, P. O. Box 378, Hillsboro, TX 76645.

2017 Honoree

Michael Snead EHF

2016 Honoree

Randy Whitehead CSM, EHF

2014 Honoree

Faye McCann EHF

2013 Honoree

Larry Parnell EHF

2012 Honorees

James Fellows CET/CSM/MST/CSR, EHF

Wayne Markman CET/MST/CSR, EHF

2011 Honoree

Jim Teeters CET/CSM, EHF

2010 Honoree

Leo Cloutier CSM, EHF

2008 Honorees

Mack Blakely EHF

Ernie Curtis CET, EHF

2007 Honorees

Chris Fabian EHF

William H. "Bill" Warren

2005 Honorees

Robert (Bob) Masa Sr. CSM EHF
(Robert Masa Jr. and Chuck Masa accepting)


2004 Honorees

Walt Herrin EHF

Malcolm "Gerry" McCann CET/CSM, EHF

John Eubanks CET, EHF

Fay Wood EHF

George Weiss CSM, EHF

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